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Meet Edwin Garcia –Agent in the Spotlight

For all our Spanish-speaking friends, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a specialist who is a native speaker with a very genuine concern for you and your family? And, he could help you with your medical insurance questions and get you signed up at no charge for his services? Now, you know someone. 

At Midwest Health Insurance Solutions, our bilingual (Spanish/ English) insurance specialist is Edwin Garcia. He helps individuals who struggle to understand health insurance options and rules but want to make sure they follow guidelines and enroll in the best plan at the right time. 

He has a caring personality and a natural ability to make sure his clients are well informed before making a decision. They realize quickly that he has their best interests at heart and that he goes out of his way to help them find the best solution for the money—and for their individual situation.

Edwin Garcia was born and raised in Guatemala and came to this country 13 years ago looking for a better life. He also wanted to help others do the same. Since he didn’t know the language at the time, he became a student of English and built a career that could provide a way to help his new-found Nebraska and Iowa neighbors gain confidence in their medical insurance choices.

He has made it his mission to understand the health insurance business in the U.S. and to help people of all backgrounds—and he has been expertly serving the community in this way for the last six years. There is so much confusion and misunderstanding about the U.S. health insurance system. It is complicated to say the least. Our dear citizens need help understanding what the plans are, what the laws are, and what the best plans are for themselves and their families in any given year.

Yes, some people could also figure out all the changing rules and regulations on their own, and then all the choices of plans and programs, but imagine how much time that would take! Edwin has given years of dedication to studying this industry and keeping up with the constant changes and what they will mean to you. He has a wealth of information and fully enjoys helping people make the best decision for themselves and their families.

In his spare time, Edwin enjoys acting, and you may have seen him as an actor on Telemundo TV shows or on Caso Cerrado. He is also a runner and enjoys running in the many beautiful parks around Omaha.

Email Edwin at edwin@midwesthis.com or call him at (402) 972-0820 for knowledgeable guidance for all your health insurance needs.